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GPS Pet Tracker

GPS Pet Tracker

$101 (USD)

Buy our GPS Pet Tracker for your pets. When you purchase this service, you will become a member of PukyClub receiving additional discounts from 5 to 10% in grooming, specialized veterinarian services, and coming soon in specialized Petsitting and Pettracc ( Intelligent identificaciont Pet Tag)

Our beloved pets can be quickly located in case of loss in record time. With our tracking plataform you can configure geofencing, alarms and notifications and can be viewed via Web or through our Android or IOS apps

24-Hour Real-Time Web Location Service.

Satellite GPS Tracking at very low cost. We count with a propietary GPS Web platform through our parent company "Wifisatelital"; for the location of different devices in real time and generation of historical reports

Get our Wifisattrack app for your Android 4.4 and later phones at no cost on Google Play by clicking on the icon: “WifiSattrack

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