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Dog Daycare

At Pukyvan we also offer pet hotel services; In addition to our usual grooming services. The hotel facilities are located in Cota, Cundinamarca where we move our beloved guests. Home Located in Parcelas de cota, highway Medellín km 2 via parcelas km 1.8. We have a land of 3000 square meters destined to the recreation and training; The lot is fenced with several enclosures where our guests are separated by groups. They have a covered place to sleep and play in case of rain. Carried in a suitable truck with transport crates

Canine school:
There are recretation activities, ecological walks and obedience. Pick up time starts at 6:00 am to 8:00 am and drop off starts at 3:30 pm. There is possibility to choose which days and how many days a week your pet can go. The prices depend on this, you pay by monthly payment.
It is the basic obedience training, a class of 45 minutes a day is given. Five days a week for a month, in which most puppies learn 10 Basic commands, classes are given at home or at country site.
Recreation day:
If your pet is bored at home, he or she can go a whole day to our country facilities to enjoy a time of recreation, recreation and socialization. Please call a day in advanced to organize the collection.
It is offered every day of the year, they sleep inside the house to avoid the cold each in their kennel; during the day there are recreation and ecological walks

1. Area of ​​coverage: From Carrera 7 to Boyacá Avenue and from Calle 80 to 170. Home 2. Pick up in the morning and drop off in the afternoon.
3. We schedule appointments with 24 hours in advanced
4. Requirements:
- Vaccination card (If you do not have a passport, the pet must be vaccinated with Pentavalente before admission)
- Food meals must be provided for the days of stay
-Puppies must have a complete vaccination plan
-Full Master´s Contact information
- Indicate if your pet takes any type of medication
- Forbidden Breeds: Bull Terrier and any other aggressive dogs. Note: The right of admission is reserved. Home - Sundays and holiday drop offs are not available.